• Ravi

    28 ans Dusseldorf


28 ans, Dusseldorf

"I am friendly, approachable, and lovable. I am known for my strong work ethic, attention to detail, and effective communication skills. Additionally, I am described as reliable and trustworthy, as I always strive to fulfill my commitments and maintain confidentiality. Furthermore, I am often recognized for my positive attitude and ability to adapt to new situations. Overall, these qualities make me a valuable asset both personally and professionally. I am not seeking just a wife, but rather a life partner and friend who complements me. To me, beauty is defined by simplicity, and I appreciate someone who can see beyond superficial appearances and value me for who I truly am."





  1. Intérêts

    Photography , sports , shopping, visit new places mostly beaches , cars and many more

  2. Relation Desirée

    Simple, understanding & supportive. Location does not matter to me, I can move to Romania as well

  3. La personne que vous recherchez

    For me, the definition of beauty is found in simplicity, and I value someone who can look beyond superficial appearances and appreciate me for who I truly am.