Privacy policy

    You need to know that after 23 years of activity in this field we understand exactly how much you want privacy and respect that with great care. We had the pleasure to work with people with very high positions in society from both Romania and abroad, and there were no problems in this respect.

    We guarantee the protection of your personal data and your real name, recommending you to use a pseudonym.

    As for your contact details, such as phone number and email address, you and only you decide when and to whom you reveal it. Even when we know well that you've been meeting a certain person, if that person calls us asking for a way to contact you directly, we do not provide this information before you confirm that you agree.

    Also, to protect your identity, it is important that you do not use any of the photos you provide for this service elsewhere on the Internet.

    As for the photos you give us, you will decide (and you will sign for it) how to use them, and we will respect your desire. If you want to show them on the site, and to be seen by many people, very well. If you do not want to show them public, there is another possibility: they can be hidden, and like that they can only be seen by members who have paid a fee and have a password. There is also another possibility: we never put your photos on internet, we only show them to people you choose. You will make this decision about your pictures when you first make the inscription, and you can come back to this decision at any time, depending on your experience.

    Once you've found the right one, we'll also keep your secret if you do not want to let other people know that you used our service.