An agency with tradition

    Daniela Bogdan, the manager of the agency
    Venera Agency is 22 years old and has a solid and daily updated data base, comprising persons who are really motivated to find their mate. Here you can find many beautiful women and interesting profiles. You take benefit of a quality service, usually successful and strictly personalized, without risks or unpleasant surprises. Most of the Western men who came in Romania to find their mate through this service succeeded. Along the years we got the chance of appearing on TV and on radio stations as well as in the press, so we are already well known in Romania. We only work with persons who want serious love/marriage relationships. We get to know personally those who register themselves with our agency and we organize dates only when there is a real interest on both parties, after the two persons have already seen the pictures and personal data.

   How we work

This is a strictly personalised match-making service.
Here we DO NOT sell addresses/ phone numbers to any visitor, then letting him/her to notice that he/she paid for nothing, because the person had no real interest for him/her or the data were inaccurate. We offer you real dates, in our very office and we organise them only when the young women are really interested to know you. We can guarantee you that the data are real and the photos updated (most of them are taken to our office and the ID-s are checked) and that the persons registered with our agency are carefully selected and really motivated to find their mate. We interview them before publishing their profile on the site. Here is how the things work for you:        

    Step I: You send us your personal
We send you an user-name and a password which allow you to see all the photos on the site (many of them are accessible only to subscribers). Thus, you can select the persons that you like. We can also send you some profiles of other persons who correspond to your preferences which are not presented on the site for discretion reasons. Then you should write the name and birth date for each of the persons that you like and we are going to show them your profile, asking them if they want to meet you. Then we will communicate you the results. Further on, you will decide if you continue with stage two or three.    

    Step 2.(Optional) If you do not want to come in Romania immediately you can first have a correspondence with the young women recorded in our data base. Then we shall transmit all your letters and send you the answers, so that you will be able to decide whom do you really want to know

    Step 3. When you decide whom do you want to meet and you know the positive answers, you come to Romania
where we organise the dates. We will wait for you at the airport, lead you to the hotel where we have already made the reservation for you and then to our office in Alba Iulia Square where you will have the first date with the person that you like most. If it is the case, you can be assisted by a translator. If this first date is not a complete success we will
invite the next person from those you were already in contact with, or you may chose here other persons that you like and meet them. This way, you have all chances to find the right person.

    So, the first step is to register. Your data will not be published immediately, but sent to the agency. We are going to read them and contact you. Fill in the inscription form in the Sign up page.

    WHEN do we work?
Our schedule is Monday to Friday, from 11.00 to 19.00 and on Saturday, depending on the meeting agendas, from 11.00 to 16, with some exceptions and countless hours of overtime because of too much zeal :)    

    HERE do we work?
Our residence is in the center of Bucharest, Romania's capital.

    TO WHOM do we address?
To all the persons who are at least 18 years old and who are looking for a serious relationship.    

    WHY us?
Because we have a solid data base
Because we are a young and enthusiastic team
Because we have experience
Because we like what we do
Because we offer a quality service for quality
And for another one thousand reasons that you are going to discover    

    We are waiting for your request !